Martins Mineral Waters - East Grinstead Museum


Another form of advertising by H.S.Martin, this time on an eye-catching coloured board.

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Ashtray - East Grinstead museum


An advertising promotion for H.S.Martin, one of several manufacturers of mineral waters in the town in the late C19 and early C20.

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Semaphore Set Alphabet - East Grinstead Mseum

Semaphore Set

An educational game for children designed to teach them the Semaphore alphabet.

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East Grinstead Views and surroundings Album


This attractively bound volume of views of East Grinstead and surroundings. It was published in Germany.

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Key - East Grinstead Museum


A C14th iron key. The origin of this is unknown, but is typical of door locks on relatively important buildings of the period. Note the simplicity of the ward.

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Identity Card - East grinstead Museum

Identity Card

During both World Wars, everyone had to carry an identity card. This example is from World War Two, 1939-1945, recording a change of address.

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Book seal East Grinstead Museum


This seal and matrix dates from 1360. It shows the arms of Oudart de Fresnes, who was a descendent of one of the nobles who accompanied William, Duke of Normandy, in 1066.

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Holster Pistol - East Grinstead Museum


One of a pair of C18 holster pistols.

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Alphabet hornbook - East Grinstead Museum


This was an early form of primer used from Tudor times to teach children the alphabet. The paper with the letters on was covered with a thin sheet of transparent horn. This C19th version is covered with celluloid.

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Stone Age from East Grinstead


These Stone Age implements found locally, were not made here as there is no flint in the area. Either they were brought from somewhere on the South Downs by travelling workers from that area or local people went south to get them. They were the only edged tool available at

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