Set up in 1995, East Grinstead Museum has a mission to preserve and develop the important collection of which it is the custodian.

This collection forms a unique combination recording both the story of a town which formed an historic staging post between London and the coast together with the McIndoe Collection and story of the Guinea Pig Club which is of worldwide interest and importance.

Staffed principally by volunteers our aim is as follows.

  • Maintaining a sustainable and resilient Museum
  • Safeguarding the collections through the highest standards of preservation, collections management and good governance
  • Making the collections accessible through inspirational and innovative interpretation, exhibitions, education and outreach to the community it serves.


  • lloyd richards East Grinstead Museum

    Lloyd Richards

  • Dorothy Hatswell East Grinstead Museum

    Dorothy Hatswell

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    Bob Marchant

  • Julie Cole

  • Sarah Corn East Grinstead Museum

    Sarah Corn

  • mike edward east grinstead museum team

    Mike Edwards

  • Andrew Brock


  • East Grinstead Museum - Female Outline

    Catherine Baldery

  • East Grinstead Museum - Male Outline

    Sheila Fennings

  • Alison Livesley

    Alison Livesley



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East Grinstead History
11:00 am

History of Our Town

Although the new display in the old temporary space will devote itself to the history of the Queen Victoria Hospital, Sir Archibald McIndoe and the…