Meat Prices - Early c19 Prices

Early C19 Prices

The meat price board that was displayed in a shop window and the two bills from A.G.Reeves and Young’s give a vivid reminder of how prices have risen. Wages have also gone up, so a true comparison is not easy.

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Diamond Jubilee Medal - East Grinstead Museum

Diamond Jubilee Medal

This masonic medal was issued to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897. There is still a lodge in East Grinstead.

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200 DECCA Gramophone Needles - East Grinstead Museum

Gramophone Needles

This tin of needles was sold by Fords in the London Road. Needles were used in gramophones to run in the grooves of the records to play the tune. Decca was one of many companies who manufactured them.

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Chemist's Labels East Grinstead Museum

Chemist’s Labels

Before the days of large pharmaceutical companies, local chemists made up their own concoctions for various ailments. This remedy for piles and the mosquito repellent are just two examples of their home made medicines.

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Guinea Pig Pub Sign - East Grinstead Museum

Guinea Pig Pub Sign

This is the original sign which hung outside the public house called after them. It was close to the hospital but has now been demolished. A block of flats now on the site retains the name.

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Iron Knife and Fork - East Grinstead Museum

Knife & Fork

C17 iron knife and fork. The three prongs or tines on our modern forks are a more recent development.

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Girl Guide Badge - East Grinstead Museum

Girl Guide Badge

An early enamelled Girl Guide’s badge showing the trefoil.

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East Grinstead Police Whistl


Early C20 police whistle on its original chain.

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Weather Cottage - East Grinstead Museum

Weather Cottage

Before the days of non-stop weather forecasts on the radio, television and smart phones, people relied on unsophisticated items such as this. The woman came out when it was fin and the man when it was wet!

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