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We are hugely grateful for any legacies which are left to the Museum. This funding will allow us to continue to tell the stories of East Grinstead and the surrounding area, and those of the famous World War Two Guinea Pig Club which was based at Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead.

There are several options available for you when you are thinking about your gift.

Residue Legacy
Donate a share of your estate (also known as a residuary gift), the value of which is determined once all cash gifts and gifts of specific items have been made. An advantage of this kind of gift is that its value tends to change in line with the value of your estate.

Cash Legacy
Donate a cash sum of a fixed amount (also known as a pecuniary gift).

As with any legal document, the Museum recommends that you seek professional advice when creating or updating your will.

We are delighted with both general gifts to the museum or if you want to support a particular project or area of the museum’s work.

If you are thinking about your will, and wish to discuss a possible legacy with someone at the Museum, then please contact us, either on 01342 302233 or on