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Complaints Policy

Policy statement

East Grinstead Museum is committed to setting and maintaining high standards of service and operation. Anyone who expresses dissatisfaction with any aspect of their visit or the services which the Museum has provided can expect to have their complaint addressed as quickly as possible.


A complaint may be defined as an expression of dissatisfaction about any aspect of the Museum’s service, offer or other operation, or regarding an action or perceived failure on the part of the Museum.
Complaints may be addressed to the Museum verbally or in writing and most of these can be resolved quickly and informally by means of an immediate reply or explanation.

Formal, serious or escalated complaints will usually occur when a complainant remains dissatisfied with an initial response or with any redress already offered. They must be made and replied to in writing.


The Trustees will ensure that procedures are in place and publicised, in order that:

  • complaints about the Museum’s actions or omissions are acknowledged and properly investigated; and
  • complainants are kept informed about the progress of investigations and receive appropriate responses.

The Museum’s Manager will monitor performance and ensure that complaints are handled effectively. All staff and volunteers are responsible for implementing the policy and following relevant procedures.


The Museum will operate a system through which complaints will be handled in a fair, inclusive manner, respecting the diverse nature of all Museum Users and Volunteers. They will be resolved both timely and informatively. For further details on our procedures please click here.


Complaints will be used to assist the Museum in understanding the views of its users, to identify trends and to improve services where possible. Lessons learned will be communicated to staff, volunteers and trustees.

If you have a Complaint

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, please use the form below to contact the Museum.

If you would prefer, please call the museum on 01342 302233.

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