The Museum hosts two permanent exhibitions.

The East Grinstead display shows the History of our Town and its surrounding area whilst Rebuilding Bodies and Souls celebrates the story of Sir Archibald McIndoe, reconstructive surgery and the Guinea Pig Club.

In addition, regular temporary exhibitions are programmed to illuminate special areas of local interest. Recent examples have included the Rowfant Brickworks and 200 Years of John Mason Neale.

Our old temporary exhibition space has now been adapted to hold our new permanent display which tells the story of Archibald McIndoe and the Guinea Pig Club. This does not mean, however, that we will not have temporary exhibitions in future. They will be in what was Curator’s Corner, at the back of the museum.

Currently we are hosting a touring exhibition on "The Queen Victoria Hospital Archive Project" from the West Sussex Record Office. This pop-up exhibition is celebrating the completion of this project which focused upon cataloguing over 14,000 individual patient records, including those of the Guinea Pig Club. It runs until 26th September.

Coming up for the last part of the year is a celebration of the 100 years of the end of the First World War. For this, the museum invited local artists to interpret items relating to warfare from our collections.

Watch this space!