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The Research Room

East Grinstead Museum has a wonderful research room available for visitors and researchers alike.   With books, magazines, and news paper cuttings about the local area you are able to read and research your area of interest.

As a result of our Rebuilding Bodies & Souls exhibition we have welcomed medical and history students recently as they work towards their dissertations.

Currently Alex (in the photo) is studying History of Medicine and researching the role of art in the history of the hospital, in particular the work of Mollie Lentaigne.  Mollie  made medical drawings in the operating theatre for Sir Archibald McIndoe while he worked on burns victims to document new and often ground breaking procedures.   With an extensive range of books relating to the Guinea Pig Club and Sir Archibald McIndoe Alex is a regular visitor to the museum.

If you would like to research something in particular, please get in touch and one of our volunteers will be able to help guide you through the material.



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    Anthony Warren says:

    To Research Room Staff
    My father Herbert S Warren worked on prosthetic facial parts for many of McIndoe’s patients up until his death in 1965. From his war-time experience with the RAF dental group he developed hand painted plastic eyes, which were shaped to respond to the muscles controlling the eye socket, and later, more complex prostheses.
    I would like to visit the Research Room during the next three weeks and would be very pleased to receive help investigating such post-operative work from an interested member of the staff. Please let me know if a particular date or time would be convenient.
    Thanks and regards
    Anthony Warren

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    elizabeth allen says:

    McIndoe’s philosophy was to treat 50% medical and 50% psychological….is there a written reference to this I can add to a thesis I am writing?

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