East Grinstead An Illustrated Miscellany


Did you know about . . .

The first cheque issued by an East Grinstead bank was in 1802.

In the 1930s many people wanted Middle Row demolished to make High Street wider to accommodate the increased motor traffic.

Containing local facts, evocative photographs from the world-famous Francis Frith Collection, together with more general historical trivia, this book will provide amusing and enjoyable insights into your local history and heritage.



Ever wondered why something in your town is called the name it is? Or, where a tradition started?

This is a book that will provide a lot of answer. it will amuse and surprise you with fascinating local fact and information.

Supplemented by some more general historical facts and photographs from the world famous Francis Frith Collection, this collection of miscellany provides an alternative look at the local history of your town which won’t fail to interest you.


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