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White Round Answers

1 The Disney film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was premiered in which year? 1937

2 What colour is the square for Whitechapel on a standard Monopoly board ? Wine

3 The Woman in White  was written by which author? Wilkie Collins

4 What sporting activities took place at the White City? Greyhound racing

5 In which county is the most famous white horse? Berkshire

6 The white rose is the symbol of which county? Yorkshire

7 Where is the White Tower? Tower of London

8 What is the address of the White House in Washington DC? 1600  Pennsylvania Ave

9 Which football team traditionally played at White Hart Lane? Tottenham Hotspur

10 Who was the White Queen? Elizabeth Woodville, wife of Edward IV

Red Round Answers

1 The Red House was the home of which well-known designer? William Morris

2 Which planet has a Red Spot? Jupiter

3 In which county is the town of Redcar? Yorkshire N Riding

4 In the logo of the Olympics, what is the position of the Red ring? Top Right

(Top:blue, black, red  Bottom: yellow, green),

5 What city has been called “The rose red city half as old as time”? Petra

6 Who was the Red Baron? Manfred von Richthofen

7 Who trained the race-horse Red Rum?  Ginger McCain

8 What is a redstart?  Bird

9 The followers of which Italian Republican wore Red Shirts? Followers of Garibaldi

10 Red mullets are fresh-water fish. What other colour do they come in ? Grey

Orange Round Answers

1 The Orange River is the boundary between which 2 countries? South Africa & Namibia

2 What is the botanical name for mock orange blossom? Philadelphus

3 Satsumas are in the orange family, but what is Satsuma Ware ? Japanese pottery

4 Who wrote the novel, A Clockwork Orange? Anthony Burgess

5 William of Orange became king of England under which name? William III

6 Seville oranges are used to make marmalade, but who wrote the opera, The Barber of Seville? Rossini

7 What is an orange tip? Butterfly

8 Oranges and lemons said the bells of St Clements. What local celebrity is buried in that church? Archibald McIndoe

9 Oranges are not the Only Fruit was written by whom? Jeanette Winterson

10 What acid is found in oranges? Citric

Yellow Round Answers

1 For which singer was the Yellow Rose of Texas a hit in the sixties? Mitch Miller

2 Who wore yellow stockings in a Shakespearean play? Malvolio in Twelfth Night

3 When a ship flies a yellow flag what does it indicate? Quarantine

4 Yellow rattle is a member of which plant group? Nettle

5 Norfolk grows two yellow spices?  (bonus point for both) Saffron & Mustard

6 Yellowstone Park is mainly in which American State? Nevada

7 Which architect with local connections died of Yellow Fever? Benjamin Latrobe

8 The yellow jersey is worn by the leader of what race? Tour de France

9 The inhabitants of which nearby village were called “Yellow bellies”? Copthorne

10 What makes the yellow in fireworks? Sodium


Green Round Answers

1 Who is purported to have written the song Greensleeves? Henry VIII

2 In what novel does the line,” The green light at the end of the pier” occur? The Great Gatsby

3 What are Green Goddesses? Emergency fire engines

4 Which London Underground line is green? District Line

5 In what year was the Green Cross Code introduced? 1970

6 Who are the Co-Chairmen of the Green Party? Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry

7 Where would you find a Green Room? Theatre

8 Who wrote Anne of Avonlea? L.M.Montgomery

9 Who said “My salad days when I was green in judgment”? Cleopatra

10 Greenland belongs to which country? Denmark

Blue Round Answers

1 Which American state is known as the Blue Grass State?  Kentucky

2 Where is the mineral, Blue John found?  Derbyshire

3 Who wears the Pale blue  berets?  UN Peacekeepers

4 Which artist had a Blue Period? Picasso

5 In which year did the Bluebell Line first open? 1960

6 We all know the expression “once in a blue moon”, but what is the astronomical definition of a blue moon? Two full moons in one calendar month

7 Blue suede shoes was a hit for Elvis Presley. What is his middle name? Aaron

8 There is a Blue Coat School within Sussex, where is it? Horsham

9 Who were called "Blue Stockings"? Intellectual and educated women in the 18th Century (they were members of an organisation called the Blue Stockings)

10 What is the botanical name for Blue poppies? Meconopsis

Purple Round Answers

1 "I never saw a purple cow" is a nonsense poem by whom?  Gelett Burgess

2 The Purple Heart is the US equivalent of which British decoration? Victoria Cross

3 “The purple headed mountain” occurs in which verse of a popular hymn? All things bright and beautiful

4 Purple sprouting broccoli belongs to which family of plants? Brassica

5 The film "The Colour Purple"  who won Best Actress? Whoopi Goldberg

6  Who in Byron’s poem Destruction of Sennacherib came down “gleaming in purple and gold”? The Assyrian

7 Who could go through a purple patch? A writer

8 What root vegetable was originally purple? Carrot

9 What semi-precious stone is a pale shade of purple? Amethyst

10 On Nov 11th we wear a red poppy, but what does a purple one signify? Animals that served

Purple Round Answers

1 What is the scientific name for the cause of a rainbow?  Refraction

2 Who wrote the novel, The Rainbow?  D.H.Lawrence

3 The term “Rainbow Nation”for S Africa was first used by whom? Desmond Tutu

4 “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is a song from the Wizard of Oz, but who wrote the book on which it is based? Frank L. Baum

5 The Rainbow Warrior is owned by which organisation? Greenpeace

6 What is described by W H Davies as being “given birth by the rainbow”? Kingfisher

7 What are the colours of the rainbow referred to scientifically? Spectrum

8 What is a mnemonic for remembering the rainbow colours in order? Richard of York gave battle in vain

9 The Rainbow Falls are in which American state ?  Hawaii

10 How many points would the word “rainbow” score in Scrabble assuming no doubles or trebles? 12