White Round Answers

1 The Disney film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was premiered in which year? 1937

2 What colour is the square for Whitechapel on a standard Monopoly board ? Wine

3 The Woman in White  was written by which author? Wilkie Collins

4 What sporting activities took place at the White City? Greyhound racing

5 In which county is the most famous white horse? Berkshire

6 The white rose is the symbol of which county? Yorkshire

7 Where is the White Tower? Tower of London

8 What is the address of the White House in Washington DC? 1600  Pennsylvania Ave

9 Which football team traditionally played at White Hart Lane? Tottenham Hotspur

10 Who was the White Queen? Elizabeth Woodville, wife of Edward IV

Red Round Answers

1 The Red House was the home of which well-known designer? William Morris

2 Which planet has a Red Spot? Jupiter

3 In which county is the town of Redcar? Yorkshire N Riding

4 In the logo of the Olympics, what is the position of the Red ring? Top Right

(Top:blue, black, red  Bottom: yellow, green),

5 What city has been called “The rose red city half as old as time”? Petra

6 Who was the Red Baron? Manfred von Richthofen

7 Who trained the race-horse Red Rum?  Ginger McCain

8 What is a redstart?  Bird

9 The followers of which Italian Republican wore Red Shirts? Followers of Garibaldi

10 Red mullets are fresh-water fish. What other colour do they come in ? Grey

Orange Round Answers

1 The Orange River is the boundary between which 2 countries? South Africa & Namibia

2 What is the botanical name for mock orange blossom? Philadelphus

3 Satsumas are in the orange family, but what is Satsuma Ware ? Japanese pottery

4 Who wrote the novel, A Clockwork Orange? Anthony Burgess

5 William of Orange became king of England under which name? William III

6 Seville oranges are used to make marmalade, but who wrote the opera, The Barber of Seville? Rossini

7 What is an orange tip? Butterfly

8 Oranges and lemons said the bells of St Clements. What local celebrity is buried in that church? Archibald McIndoe

9 Oranges are not the Only Fruit was written by whom? Jeanette Winterson

10 What acid is found in oranges? Citric