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“….in what was formerly a dusty lumber-room of the Church Tower…”

A volunteer bought these lovely ‘East Grinstead and its Parish Church’ booklets to my attention.

The oldest of these seen on the left, is dated 1934 and sold for Threepence;  beautifully illustrated and printed by Exors of H.W. Cullen of East Grinstead, and low and behold include articles about East Grinstead Museum.

The Museum originated “…in what was formerly a dusty lumber-room of the Church Tower and later the Choir Vestry, was founded in 1926.  Much might be done on the lines of our little Museum to give a body to local history and help preserve those links with the past so easily broken amid the rapid changes of today.”  This ever poignant excerpt rings true today and our collection has grown dramatically over the 83 years since this booklet was published.

The article refers to  Grappling Irons which are displayed today in the front entrance to our museum, and tokens issued by the “Mint” of East Grinstead – the farthing issued by the Dorset Arms in 1650.

Drastic events have happened post publication of these booklets and hence our collection includes the permanent Rebuilding Bodies and Souls exhibition, reflecting the enormous impact of the presence and treatment of injured RAF servicemen in our town.

If you are interested in looking at old publications or learning about the history of East Grinstead, please visit, we look forward to welcoming you.




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    Andrew Wright says:

    I have a strange little booklet by Angela Francis written for her family. She lived & worked in Australia but moved back to East Grinstead where the booklet was printed by Henry W Cullen. There’s no date nor title page (!) but there’s a letter from her to Jean dated around 1930 I seem to remember. Does this make any sense to any of you. If not, I shall have to leave it!

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