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Focussing on Townscape artists: Susan Dodds


Water-based printing ink on acrylic on cartridge paper

Our latest exhibition, Townscape, features works of art by local group, Example, and takes its inspiration from objects on display in the museum.

Susan Dodds chose as her object a beautiful and intricately wrought silver trophy. Made in India, the trophy is decorated with foliage scrolls and four hunting scenes depicting big cats attacking a lion, elephant, boar and antelope. Marking their victory at the county’s professional sports day in 1928, the trophy was awarded to the East Grinstead Fire Brigade by the West Sussex County Council Fire Service. Using printing inks combined with acrylic paint on paper, Dodds explores not only the shape and texture but the exotic cultural origins of this beautiful, yet monochrome trophy. Vibrant colours and dynamic patterns explode from the page, evoking the exotic materials, heat, scents and sounds of India.


Indian Silver Trophy 1928

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