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Focussing on Townscape Artists: Harriet Brigdale

Our latest exhibition, Townscape, features artwork by local group, Example, taking inspiration from an object in the museum. Over the next few weeks we will be focussing on one of these artists, the object they chose and the reason for that choice.

LTN420Harriet Brigdale SGFA saw a carpet beater in the museum’s  Objects display and it reminded her of her mother’s carpet and the wear caused by years of beating with just such an object, the only means of cleaning a carpet before the vacuum cleaner. Harriet has combined the sometimes threatening appearance of the carpet beater with the softer textures of fabric and watercolours to create stunning and thought provoking images.

It is not unusual for Harriet to take inspiration from the world around her, where shapes and colours inspire her to use different media, for example printmaking, pen and ink drawing, pastels or oils, which in turn influence the final image.

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