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Focussing on Townscape artists: Hannah Buckley


‘Battle’, Graphite, acrylic

Our latest exhibition, Townscape, features works of art by local group, Example, and takes its inspiration from objects on display in the museum.

Hannah Buckley was drawn to a collection of drawings by Red Cross nurse Mollie Lentaigne. Lentaigne worked at the Queen Victoria Hospital as a medical artist for Archibald McIndoe and other plastic surgeons, illustrating the pioneering surgical procedures. Buckley was drawn in particular to the illustrations of procedures carried out on pilots’ hands after sustaining burns or frost-bite. Her work explores a fictitious sequence of events, from an initial tragedy to eventual recuperation. The relationship between patient and surgeon is uppermost in these beautifully stark works of art. The materials, techniques and monochrome palate used by Buckley help capture an era not only of scientific and medical innovation, but of bravery and stoicism.


‘First Ten Weeks’, Photographs, acrylic, ash, paper

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