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Rebuilding Bodies and Souls

Our ‘Rebuilding Bodies and Souls’ flagship exhibition opened in 2016, the 75th anniversary year of the foundation of the Guinea Pig Club

This exhibition tells the story of the birth of reconstructive and plastic surgery in East Grinstead during the Second World War. It focuses on the story through the eyes of the patients and the medical professionals involved. Moreover, this had been the wish of those involved for nearly 70 years:

“One day someone will tell the complete story of Ward III in the way it should be told….”

(“The Maestro’s Message” by Sir Archibald McIndoe in the Guinea Pig magazine, April 1948)

We have created a lasting legacy for the 649 members of the Guinea Pig Club, who, after sustaining life-changing war injuries, were rebuilt, body and soul, by the work of the surgeon Sir Archibald McIndoe and his team at the Queen Victoria Hospital.

This legacy helps to inspire our community,  from local people to students, historians, RAF personnel and volunteers. Above all, it helps reignite a sense of pride and place for East Grinstead, affectionately known as ‘the town that didn’t stare’.