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Bob’s Triumph: “A Trip to the Museum” Brings in the Crowds!

Our friends at 'What's Happening in East Grinstead' Facebook arranged for Bob Marchant to give 2 guided tours of the Museum on Saturday 9th March.  
These have proved so popular, they were both full with more people interested in coming than we could accommodate!  
We obtained some wonderful feedback from the event.  
Here are a small selection of the comments received:

Janet Wilkinson
Bob gave us all a brilliant tour this morning! Loads and loads of information to extend our knowledge of the displays.  A full turnout as well 😁
Thanks for organising

Deanna Pennington 
Really enjoyed it even my two kids listened. ❤️

Andrea Clarke 
Thank you so much for organising the event yesterday at the Museum we both enjoyed it so much how lucky were we all to have someone like Bob who had worked alongside the great man to give such a informative tour.

Tim Thompson 
World Class talk, display, venue and reception team of volunteers. To be able to meet the man that can take you back in time was just unbelievable. Bob Marchant you are a beautiful human being. Thanks for sharing your life history and for caring to create such a great attraction for EG!



'What's happening in East Grinstead' reaches 7,000 people, therefore it's great to be involved with such a high profile local group.  The group are interested in hosting additional events in 2019.  

Our thanks go to Bob for delivering such an an amazing day for everyone.

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